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Treatment for Abuse in Children and Youth

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Treatment for Abuse in Children and Youth

Treatment for Abuse in Children and Youth


Working with Victims of Abuse

In Partnership with TAHEL - Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children

40 Academic Hours (10 Sessions)



The field of treating child abuse has dramatically changed in the past few years. There is now an awareness of therapy that specifically targets child victims. Much progress has been made over the last few years, and the taboo element that used to accompany this field is slowly disappearing. As a direct result, arises the need for further clinical research and studies to help diagnose and treat these victims.

The Yanar Institute has been active for many years in training professionals for the religious community. Now, the Tahel - Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children, has joined hands with Yanar to train professionals from religious circles, and give them the tools they need to work in this sensitive field.

Over the years the Center has developed programs to help women and children
deal with the trauma of war and terror in addition to helping victims of abuse.

Course Aims

The course aims to enrich students’ theoretical and clinical knowledge of abuse amongst children and youth.

The course will examine the phenomenon of abuse - in all its forms – in and out of the house, and will concentrate on identification and diagnosis of children that have fallen victim.


Course Program

General background theories:

  • Introduction, course details, various opinions on emotions in treating children.
  • "The wounded child": a dynamic perception of the internal world of children.
  • Developmental theories – Bowlby, Ainsworth, Klein, Mahler, Winnicott, and more.
  • The child and the family: structure, roles & responsibility, and the child's place in the family.
  • Significant changes and possible crises in a child's life (divorce, sickness, parents serving prison sentences).
  • The effect abuse has on social, family and health; theory & treatment of P.T.S.D.
  • Various models for understanding trauma.
  • Child abuse – the phenomena and the secretive element.
  • Incest in families.
  • Working with abused children in insulated communities.


Program Structure

The course studies are presented through workshops-style sessions, lectures and case-studies.

The course is presented by Debbie Gross

Director, Tahel - Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children

Israel, and other guest lecturers.


All graduates that successfully complete the course will receive double certification from The Yanar Institute together with   Tahel - Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children

The course will take place once a week between the hours 12:00-15:00 in the YNR institure, Givat Shaul.



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