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General Mediation Program

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General Mediation Program

General Mediation Program

Goals and Objectives
The program trains professional mediators in general mediation. Mediation aims to prevent dialogue deteriorating into conflict, and looks for ways to bring the parties together through mutual understanding, thereby preventing any physical or verbal violence.

Successful, graduates of the program will receive certification as a professional mediator, which is recognized by the relevant committee at the Israeli Courts of Law.

Program Structure
The course is 60 academic hours comprising of 10 sessions each of 6 academic hours (4.5 clock hours). The course will combine frontal-style theoretical lectures with live role-plays and simulations in small groups, and under the supervision of experienced mediators.

Course Topics
• Introduction to mediation & conflict resolution
• Understanding conflict
• Communication skills & techniques in mediation
• The mediator as a partner in process
• Finding solutions
• Selected topics in mediation
• Closing a case
•  Standards of Conduct for Mediators


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