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Family Mediation Certification Training

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Family Mediation Certification Training

Family Mediation Certification Training

Course Overview
Family mediation differs from general mediation, in that it deals with the family as a system; use of genograms; relevant background; summary of research on divorce mediation; and
Course Topics

• Parenting: psychological perspectives on divorce; diagnosing domestic violence; violence as pertaining to mediation; legal and family perspectives on child supervision; child placement during the mediation process; Standards of Conduct for Mediators.

• Legal matters: the legal system-rabbinical & civil; the differences between courts and batei din; implications of mediation; grounds for divorce; laws concerning custody

• Alimony: support for various family members from the mediator’s perspective; extra costs; woman’s support in the courts view.

• Splitting the estate: legal and mediation perspectives; property; businesses; rights vs. duties; shares; and more.

• Pensions: pensions funds; insurance policies; house contents; “the temporary stage” – until a permanent solution is reached; the divorce agreement; dealing with court files.

• Miscellaneous: sensitive matters; unique circumstances; professional ethics in divorce mediation; training; accreditation; list of the country’ courts; relevant professional organizations; self-marketing.

Program Structure
The course is 47 academic hours comprising of 6 sessions. The course will combine frontal-style theoretical lectures with live role-plays and simulations in small groups, and under the supervision of experienced mediators.

Successful, graduates of the program will receive certification as a professional mediator in issues pertaining to divorce, which is recognized by the relevant committee at the Israeli Courts of Law.
Course costs: 2,800 Nis

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