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Mediation Practicum Training

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Mediation Practicum Training

Mediation Practicum Training


The previous two training program give students all the theory that need in order to enter the field, however it lacks the ‘practical’ training necessary to work in a professional and skilled fashion. This course gives students real cases that are referred by the courts (small-claims courts & fast-track courts) in conjunction with court authorities. The purpose of this course is to give students experience in dealing with real live cases, and familiarising themselves with court procedures and in entering the fascinating and challenging world of mediation.

Program structure
The practicum course consists of 15 weekly sessions, and each group contains between 8-10 students.
Course topics
• 6 Viewings of mediation sessions carried out by two supervisors.
• 8 role-plays of mediation cases carried out by students in the class, which is followed by class and teacher feedback.
• Short workshops: mediation contract; requesting & receiving feedback; legal issues – understanding court laws articles 1-4 and their influence.
• Course requirements: Students must read 6 compulsory theoretical readings, and complete a written summary and presentation of each of them

Faculty: Yuval Gil – CEO of 'CMS- Conflict Management Solutions' for the education and business sectors.



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